Yankee Driving School uses the Drive Right textbook, along with the curriculum from the Vermont Department of Education. A very individualized approach is used to maximize the learning potential of each student.


Student at Putney School:

“We all love coming to driver's ed. It is not one of those dreaded classes. Gabi does a great job in accommodating us and is really easy and comfortable to be around. She says things in a nice way so it makes it easy to respond to her.”

Counselor at VocRehab:

"Gabi has been a great resource for my clients, she has helped young people gain skills to drive and gain confidence and make huge changes to their lives, and I am happy to have her as a resource for VocRehab.” 


"We appreciate Gabi's effort so much, and are thankful she offered our daughter great driving instruction and helped her develop confidence in her judgment and skills behind the wheel.”


"Driving with your parents can sometimes be a disaster, but at Yankee Driving School I learned the driving tips I needed to know and received helpful feedback about my driving.”


";All my friends were telling me driver's ed is the most boring thing you will do. I was worried that I would hate driver's ed, but Gabi made everything so interesting and fun.”


"Gabi provided options that no other driver's ed courses could. Her class was so flexible and allowed me to complete it despite my busy schedule.”