Special Message Regarding Covid-19 Pandemic

Update (11/14/2020): Due to the recent changes from the State of Vermont regarding out-of state travel and quarantine requirements, if students leave the state for non-essential travel they must quarantine for two weeks.

One key quote from Governor Scott's November 10th press conference, "The bottom line is, if you don't need to travel right now, don't."

Emily and I appreciate your cooperation as we move forward into the winter months.

Update (8/17/2020): We will continue to offer classes into the 20/21 school year. Because of the 3 month delay from March 15th to July 15th 2020, we do remain behind in our driving.

Our fall classes are going to start later this year in hopes of all three instructors catching up. We will prioritize students who are nearing their one year holding of their permit. Because of the very high demand for classes, I expect most classes to be posted for only a very short time.

Thanks you for your support of our driving school as we have both increased course offerings around Vermont and revamped our delivery of the didactic part of Driver Education.

Gabriella Netsch - Owner/operator.

Update (4/11/2020): With respect to our spring classes- Emily, John, and Gabriella are consulting regularly. Our plan right now is for Gabriella to connect with each family in all three classes and first offer a refund of deposit for any family that wants to wait until this pandemic is over.

For those that want to move forward virtually, the instructor will be in touch with you, but generally you should plan to keep those posted class hours open for a combination of remote class meetings and assignment based learning. This will include a parent meeting held via Zoom on the first night of class.

We like all of you are doing our best to figure out a way to keep classes moving forward. The most important part is that when the quarantine is over we will begin to drive. Everyone has to realize that all three of us have classes currently that will need to drive as well and would probably go first as they would have been waiting the longest.

Feel free to contact me by email if I can be of further assistance.

Update (3/24/2020): Yankee Driving School has currently ceased in class and in car lessons due to the Covid -19 pandemic. We are currently moving our classes to an online format. All instructors have attempted to make contact with all their students either by email, phone or US mail. If you have not been contacted please email Gabriella at yankeedrivingschool@comcast.net and she will connect you with your instructor. We are following guidelines from the Vermont Department of Health, CDC, Vermont DMV, and Vermont Agency of Education. We look forward to when we can resume our regular class schedule. Thank you for your patience as we all do our part to slow the rate of infection of this virus.

Gabriella Netsch - Owner/operator